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About Us

We are a small Charitable Trust working to support Scouting and Sustainable Development in Madagascar. 

Where we started

The Trust was established to administer the legacy of the Mad13 Expedition. The Mad13 Expedition was a partnership between Tily Eto Madagaskara, one of the Scout organisations in Madagascar and Scouts from the South West of England*. The expedition saw over 50 members from Madagascar join more than 70 members from the South West of England to undertake a program of expeditions and projects in Madagascar in July 2013. This joint partnership delivered safe drinking water, new latrines, improved washing facilities and a community education program on safe water and good sanitation for a community in the central highlands and provided the opportunity for many members to complete the Scout Association's Explorer Belt award promoting cultural exchange, shared experiences and joint exploration between Malagasy and British.

The Mad13 Expedition forged a strong partnership between Malagasy and UK Scouts for the first time and the Mad13 Development Trust has been set up to maintain and further develop this partnership and build on the achievements of the expedition to provide support for development of Scouting and Communities into the future.

*The Scouts from the South West of England came from the following Scout Counties: Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. 

What we do

The Trust works with selected partners in Madagascar, primarily the Malagasy Scout organisations, to support projects that deliver the objectives of supporting Scouting, sustainable development and environmental education in Madagascar. The Trust also raises funds to support ongoing projects with the provision of grants and practical support.

We have an ongoing partnership with Akany Avoko Faravohitra (AAF), a children's refuge in Antananarivo. The Trust administers donations and fundraising in the UK for the centre. See the AAF page for further information.


The objectives of the trust are:

  • To support the work of Scouting in Madagascar
  • To promote sustainable development in Madagascar for the benefit of Malagasy communities
  • To advance the education of the public in Madagascar on sustainable development and environmental protection

Vikina Hoany Fihavanana

Vikina Hoany Fihavanana  "Leaping for Unity"

This is the theme of the Mad13 Expedition and the Mad13 Development Trust to emphasise the shared objectives of building a strong partnership. Fihavanana is a Malagasy concept that does not directly translate to English. It encompasses community, togetherness and kinship and is very important in Malagasy culture and community. One approximation in English is Unity.

The Mad13 Development Trust has adopted the logo and the theme of the Mad13 Expedition.

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